9 Summertime Family Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

Whether you have an annual savings plan in place for the summer holidays or you just make it up as you go along, one thing’s for sure: summer plus children equals a lot of money! That’s why, today, we’re providing you with some money saving tips – so you can have a summer to remember without breaking the bank.

1. Take a walk

You can do this one without needing to spend any money at all. Whether you’re country, coast or city-based, you shouldn’t need to look too far to find an appealing walking route. Choose your distance based on the age of your children and pack a picnic so there’s no need to shell out for food. Make sure you’re all wearing sensible shoes, have plenty of drinks to hand and know where the nearest toilets are along all aspects of your route.

2. Library trips

A quick search of your local libraries will tell you what sorts of events are on when, and you’ll find that these are most often free. From play groups to book readings and singalongs, generally speaking, there’s always something happening in a local library – and it’s a great chance to check out some books for summer bedtime reading with the kids.

3. Visiting the swimming baths

If your local leisure centre has a swimming pool, you might find that, during the school holidays, they offer discounts on swimming sessions for youngsters – although it’s worth checking this out in advance so you’re not surprised by the cost when you arrive! Sessions generally last an hour, so don’t expect this to be an all-day event.

4. Cinema trips

Granted, this one can be pricey – especially if you have more than one child – but there are ways to save money here. Look out for discount codes and offers, and buy your tickets in advance when possible. For snacks, avoid costly cinema popcorn and fizzy drinks and stop off at a budget-friendly supermarket first. Give each child a spending limit and allow them to use their money to purchase their favourite snack and a drink. They’ll love the chance to get involved and your pocket will love the savings!

5. Museum days

If you’re keen to turn a family day out into an educational adventure, museums are a great place to start. Look out for exhibitions, as these will often be free – and for those that aren’t, discount sites like Wowcher and Groupon may have family deals that you can make use of. Put simply, it’s well worth having a browse ahead of your visit.

6. Playing in the park

Another freebie, the UK has parks in abundance – so if you don’t have one within walking distance, it should only be a short car or bus journey away. From feeding the ducks to enjoying the jungle gym, the park can provide hours of fun. Be sure to pack a picnic to avoid pricey onsite cafés, but maybe keep enough change to one side for the ice cream van!

7. Visiting a farm

Regardless of their age, your young ones are guaranteed to enjoy a trip out to a farm. Depending on where is local to you, your little ones might be able to enjoy a tractor ride and feeding the animals. This is a great opportunity to snap some family pics and get your children involved with nature for little to no cost.

8. Camping in the garden

The summer provides the perfect opportunity for a camping trip – but this can be expensive and challenging with children. Camping out in the garden is the perfect alternative to this, allowing you to enjoy a night under the stars without forking out for site fees and petrol to get to your destination. The best thing about this is that, if the kids become unsettled, you can all just head inside!

9. Playing board games

As long as you already have these tucked away in a cupboard somewhere, this activity doesn’t have to cost a thing. If you do need to add to your games collection, scour local charity shops for some bargains – then you can lay them all out on a rainy day, pass out snacks and enjoy hours of fun.

Beyond the activities themselves, it’s worth considering some budgeting tips for transport and eating out. You’ll find plenty of discount codes and offers online, so have a look around and choose somewhere you know you can grab a bargain!

For more tips on budgeting, saving money and more, keep an eye on our blog – where we regularly post helpful tips and advice for aspiring money savers.