3 Family Mini-Break Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

With flight costs rising and the GBP weakening, it’s little surprise that 59% of parents in 2018 said they couldn’t afford to take their children on holiday at the end of the summer term. However, not being able to afford these often extortionate fees shouldn’t mean you and your family aren’t able to enjoy a well-earned break. 

That’s why today, we’re taking a look at 3 creative ways you and your family can have a summer mini-break without having to worry about the costs, offering up some money saving ideas that will leave you free to focus on what really matters – making those precious family memories that will last a lifetime. 


An age-old British holiday tradition, why not look to pitch up the old tent and escape to the country for a few days? Of course, there are overheads to pay when looking to camp at an official campsite, however pitching costs typically range between £20-40 a night – as a result, this is still a substantially cheaper option than other standard accommodation, especially for big groups or families. 

What’s more, minimal overall expenses can mean camping is one of the best money saving tips out there for families looking to get away without having to fork out more than they can afford. To minimise costs further still, ensure you cook meals yourself and stock up on cheap forms of entertainment that are sure to keep the whole family busy (dig out the pack of cards and board games from the loft, for example).

If you don’t have all the necessary equipment, look to borrow rather than buy from new, as a couple of these additional costs will quickly add up. As a recognised common British hobby, it’s likely you’ll have some family or friends that are willing to lend you the right gear – just make sure you don’t forget your wellies! 

Road trips 

If connecting with nature isn’t your forte, consider packing up the car and taking to the open road instead! 

There’s a whole range of beautiful routes to explore by car across the UK that can be broken up by stopping off at cheap attractions ranging from national parks to beaches and coastlines. To keep costs down further still, if you’re lucky enough to know people far and wide, consider asking them for a place to rest your head each night, planning your route accordingly. The most expensive part of this trip is sure to be the fuel costs, but if you ensure you practise smart ways to save money, such as utilising free accommodation offers, the overall cost is sure to be well worth the unforgettable family experience. 


If your budget just isn’t stretching far enough to justify a mini-break this year, why not get creative and ‘go’ on a staycation in the comfort of your own home instead?

Play tourist in your own town or city, sightseeing spots you far too often overlook. Visit free spots, such as parks, equipped with a picnic and games for a fun-filled family day out then get innovative upon returning home to ensure it feels different to a normal day out. Our recommendations include allowing the kids to camp out in the garden or create an indoor den to showcase a late-night movie! As an easy way to save money, you may even find yourself with some money left over after your staycation – if this is the case, why not invest in a babysitter for the night to ensure you’re able to properly unwind, even if it’s just for a few hours? 

By following these money saving tips, you’re sure to be able to enjoy a mini-break with the family, regardless of how far your budget stretches – after all, you deserve it!