This is Jolly Good Loans

Welcome to Jolly Good Loans – your online encyclopedia when it comes to virtually every kind of personal loan under the sun. Knowing how complex and daunting it can be to search around for an affordable finance deal, we decided to create this site to offer you a refreshing alternative to the typical industry jargon overload.

It’s our aim to help aspiring loan applicants understand all of the options that are available to them – and not only the advantages of each, but also the drawbacks. Without a balanced, unbiased introduction to many of the loan types that are available, it can be near impossible to make a truly informed decision on what’s right for you and your individual circumstances.

You’ll find a proverbial buffet of loans available to UK applicants, from lenders of all shapes and sizes (each with their own unique deal-breakers). In some cases, this means stringent checks and requirements and, unfortunately, that some applicants won’t be eligible for particular loan types – but with our handy online guides, you can arm yourself with the know-how needed to avoid being refused finance.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular personal loan types out there, all of which you can learn about at length on our website:

Bad credit loans

If you’ve got a less than perfect borrowing history behind you, the good news is personal loans for bad credit holders are available. On our dedicated page, we break down the benefits and limitations.

Homeowner loans

Homeowners are eligible for secured personal loans, in which an asset (typically a home) is used as security, and larger loan amounts are generally available in these cases.

Guarantor loans

Applicants with a poor credit history can find salvation in these loans, where an acquaintance acts as a guarantor to give lenders peace of mind that they can count on timely repayments.

Home improvement loans

Renovating and redecorating a house is always an expensive affair – but there are personal loans available to homeowners looking to give their property a new lease of life.

Secured loans

Anyone looking for cheap personal loans will find that these are their best bet, with the risk of late or missed payments being reduced by the asset being used as security.